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Frank Wuts


1982  Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington, B.S. Computer Science
1975 University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, B.S. Biology

Art Classes           

Creating on Canvas and in Life - Freydoon Rassouli
Spring 2006
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - Carol Steinberg Fall 2005


Frank started working in wood during high school and has taken wood working classes at Western Washington University. After earning a degree in Computer Science he entered the field of Computer Animation where he was an innovator for 17 years writing computer programs for artists to model, animate and render scenes entirely inside a computer. He was one of the five original co-founder of the Academy Award winning production house Rhythm and Hues. He also was a co-founder of Windlight studios which was sold to the Canadian entertainment company Nelvana. He also was a co-founder of Visual Image Software which was sold to the graphics software company Micrografx. Starting in June 2005 he has taught himself to paint by copying Van Gogh masterpieces and using his understanding of three dimensional realities learned as a computer graphic specialist. He has a good grasp on how light interacts with forms.

Artist Statement

"My work with wood has been focused on creating functional pieces incorporating smooth sensuous curves consistent with the nature of the underlying wood. My painting is a continuation of my love of the sensuous curve. I often use a very simple palette so I can focus on the form not the color. My painting is more of a sculpture than an image. Each brush stroke is executed not only to lay down paint but also to follow the directions of the forms in the painting. I feel like I am caressing the forms as I paint them. My love of Van Gogh's work stems from his use of the sensuous brush strokes throughout his work."
Frank Wuts